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KLD Concept

Postée par admin le mardi 14 septembre 2010 à 15:03

Lamborghini's Manifesto for future supersportscars

Teaser 2/6

Lamborghini stands for extreme and uncompromising supersportscars of thebest Italian tradition.

Tradition as a value however, lives at Lamborghini alongside innovation.
We are redefining the future of our supersportscars around the two main reasons
to buy: design and performance.
Design has been and always will be reason number one, and we will make sure a
Lamborghini will always be recognizable through its significant stylistic features.
Regarding performance, until few years ago priorities were, in this order: top
speed, acceleration and handling.
In recent years this has been changing. Together with design, handling and
acceleration are becoming more important. Speed is not as important anymore,

d'autres photos , un clic sur l'image:

because all supersportscars are exceeding 300km/h (186 mph) and this is a speed
that you cannot reach even on a racetrack, let alone normal roads. We think it is
time to make a shift and talk more about handling and acceleration.
The key factor in terms of better handling and acceleration, meaning more
immediate pleasure in driving, is the power-to-weight ratio. This is not so much
about top speed and so the future will not be so focused on increasing the power,
even because CO2 emissions do play a role for supersportscars too. That means
the key is in reducing the weight.
A crucial part of this is to understand how to reduce the weight. From the middle
of the Eighties, the average weight of our cars has increased by 500 kg because of
active and passive safety, comfort and emissions reduction issues, and this is
something that we have to change. Since we cannot reduce safety or comfort in
our cars, we have to reduce the weight by using new materials.
The magic word for this is ?carbon fiber?. We started working with carbon fiber in
Sant?Agata Bolognese over thirty years ago and today, with our two laboratories
in Sant?Agata Bolognese and in Seattle, We are mastering a broad range of
technologies which put us in a leadership position for low-volume production.
Every new Lamborghini will make the best use of carbon fiber to reduce weight."
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